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The Baroness’ Prayer

February 14, 2012

“Oh Lord save us,”

The faithful pant,

“The secularists are coming,

And they’re militant!


They want to stop

Our use of God

And then they’ll want

To drink our blood!


They want to take

Our right to pray

(And some of them

Are even gay!)


They’ll burn our mosques

Dismantle our churches

And whip us through

The streets with birches


The answer to

This upstart breed

Is to entrench;

Each in their creed.


We’ll dig in deep,

Keep ancient rôles,

(We know that they

Don’t do foxholes).


And when we’ve won

As we surely must

Religion will rule,

All will be just.


Until the day

We have to deal

With the other religions

(Which aren’t real)”

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