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Wiki Question

May 30, 2011

I got an interesting tip via Twitter today.  At first it was funny, then a little bit thought-provoking.  What you do is this: Go to Wikipedia Main Page and click on the Random Article link.  When you get your article you simply click the 1st link in its main body that’s not in italics and not in parentheses (<–these–>).  On each subsequent article you simply click that 1st link again.  It seems that almost invariably you will end up at the article on Philosophy.

I got there from, for example, articles entitled ‘Italian Hot Dog‘, ‘Darrell Dickey‘, ‘Northumbrian Smallpipes‘, ‘Pince-nez‘, ‘Alexey Eisner‘ and ‘Bracket (tournament)‘.  Try it yourself.  It’s a little weird.

It seems to me that the implication here is that all human knowledge (as represented by Wikipedia) is founded on Philosophy.  I am a little uncomfortable with that concept.  Is philosophy truly necessary to explain Darrell Dickey, an American Football Coach?  Or the concept of how sporting tournaments are represented graphically?  Even worse, am I doing philosophy by asking such questions?

We seem to be faced with a binary choice.  Either all human knowledge (more or less) is entirely predicated on the sometimes useful, but more often not, cognitive system that is (Western) philosophy OR Wikipedia has disappeared up its own backside.  I’m still mulling it over, so over to you.  What do you think?  I’d love to hear of more weird stuff that leads to Philosophy and how quickly or by what circuitous route you can get there.

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  1. PJH permalink
    May 30, 2011 22:08

    MSN Internet access, Microsoft Windows, Software, Computer Programs, Instructions, Computer architecture, Computer science, Information, Sequence, Mathmatics, Quantity, Property (philosophy), Modern Philosophy.


  2. PJH permalink
    May 30, 2011 22:18

    Tried it twice. You even get locked in a philosophy loop at the end. hmmmmm

    • May 30, 2011 22:27

      That’s the problem with philosophy right there. When do you stop?

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