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Someone may have boobed

March 31, 2011

The hashtag #nationalcleavageday has been trending on Twitter today.  It’s a topic that has excited a fair amount of interest.  One female Tweeter, @SiobhanDockerty is claiming a large number of new followers (over 50) thanks to the pic in this tweet:!/SiobhanDockerty/status/53507540784390144

Others have been less impressed with the concept, complaining that they have no cleavage to display:

A different group dislike it for reasons of sexism and/or its objectification of women, a bit like this:

Of course, plenty of people love the idea, both men & women:!/enemveecee/status/53538757579780097!/katyt89/status/53538297649168384

And then there’s the funnies:

Personally, I appreciate a good cleavage as much as the next person who appreciates a good cleavage.  I also quite like most other parts and configurations of the female body.  I don’t think we really need to have a day dedicated to cleavage, but how about a day set aside for the appreciation of how great people’s bodies are, in all their wide variety of shapes?  And while we’re at it, let’s remember that a person’s body is not the greater part of what they are by any means.

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