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February 21, 2011

I love Twitter I do.  I love it more than Jason Manford loves boob photos.  I love it more than Stephen Fry loves quite interesting facts.  It’s an incredible community.  And I usually hate it when people refer to communities.  It’s such an amorphous concept but that’s why it suits Twitter so well.

I interact with fantastic people every day on Twitter and yet, at first glance, I have nothing in common with them.  If we met in any other forum it’s likely that we wouldn’t talk at all.  Looking at my lists of follows and followers there are writers, scientists, actors, comedians, fake celebrities and people from many other walks of life.  There are gay people, straight people and people from all kinds of different backgrounds and nationalities.

The subjects we talk about range from the trivial and inane to some quite profound insight.  Some of it actually makes me sit up and think about things from new points of view.  I love that challenge.

Of course Twitter has negatives.  As with any communication medium there are people who will use it to sell you stuff or spout their hateful bigotry.  The beauty of Twitter is that they can be blocked very easily and in my personal experience you don’t see a lot of them around anyway.  I can comfortably say that the negative is far outweighed by the positive and you can’t say that about a lot of things.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who entertains and challenges me on Twitter.  So special thank yous to all in this (not exhaustive) list for their input (and output):



@ALGonsalves (ex spawnofthediva)






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  1. Zephanie Thompson permalink
    February 21, 2011 19:59

    Agreed! It might be a bit dramatic, but in the current international political climate I think it might be acceptable to say that Twitter (and other social media) really does give power to the people, where it belongs.
    At home, it provides reassurance that ‘strangers’ can be intelligent and hilarious ‘virtual company’ – reminds us what is possible instead of what is not – restores our faith in humanity.
    It IS twitter-ific and I love it to!


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