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Don’t drink and blog. Mm-kay?

February 15, 2011

The blog I posted last night was a bit of a lesson for me.  It taught me that drinking and blogging don’t necessarily go together.  I’ve just read back through it and it’s not something I would have posted if my higher brain was unimpaired.

Don’t get me wrong here, there’s nothing in there that’s not true or that I’m ashamed of.  The reason I don’t like it much is that the tone is quite aggressive and, on reflection, the sentiments in there should have either stayed private or been expressed in a much more reasoned fashion.

So, blogging has been added to the list of stuff I shouldn’t do after a few drinks, along with driving, flying a plane, doing surgery, dancing and singing.  Pretty soon, I’ll just have to sit in a darkened room to have a drink.  Or maybe I should just chill out.  I’ll think about it while I’m sober.

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