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Why does Iceland trump the VC?

January 23, 2011

Johnson Beharry VC appearing on ITV’s Dancing on Ice is an interesting watch.  Here is a man who showed incredible courage and endurance in the most difficult circumstances.  He continued to drive his vehicle after being hit in the head with an RPG.  An RPG is designed to rip open armoured vehicles.  He has struggled, mostly successfully, since to make a normal life for himself.  He is truly a hero.

To see him on this show, followed immediately by Kerry Katona is close to blowing my mind.  Katona appears on television and in magazines at regular intervals, bemoaning her lot.  Compared to Beharry VC her problems are in a different, much lower league, not to mention self-imposed.  She is not even self-aware enough to avoid repeating the same mistakes over and over again.

Quite frankly, Johnson Beharry VC and many service people, police officers, nurses, etc overcome difficulties and perform incredible feats every day in the service of others.  Kerry Katona has not even provided genuine entertainment in her life.  The fact that she is a household name and held up as a role model by some makes me sick to the pit of my stomach.  I love this country but come on, who do we want our children to see as role models?  Johnson Beharry VC and those like him or Kerry Katona and her ilk?

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