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Predicting YOUR Future Today

January 22, 2011
Sun Headlines

I’ve invented a new method of predicting someone’s character and their future, based on their birth date.  I’m calling it Titulogoly.  From the latin titulus, meaning title or headline.  And the english tit, meaning idiot.  It’s a simple and obvious system, using newspaper headlines.

Take a headline from today’s Sun for example: “Tearful Tip-Off’.  So, as a general rule, boys born today will be in touch with their feminine side and reluctant to use condoms later in life.  Girls born today will cry at the drop of a hat and be strippers.

For the more specific predictions about character we delve into the various sections of the paper.  Sport, showbiz, business, all these have something to say about our newborn’s character.  Future predictions about this person can be made by a careful comparison of the crossword clues for the birth date and the date of the prediction.  This system works and can’t be disproved by ‘science’ because it exists on a spiritual level that science doesn’t touch.  Clever, eh?

So, Prof Dawkins and Prof Cox, I dare you to try to disprove my system.  You can’t.  It’s watertight because it’s outside your sphere of reference.  I win!

For a personal reading, please leave a comment and I’ll send you my price list.  All very reasonable.

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