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Shaggy Dog Story

January 15, 2011

Have you heard about the 3 fans of New Scooby Doo (NSD) who’ve converted to worshipping Original Scooby Doo (OSD)?  It would seem that the adoption of an increasingly central role in NSD for Scrappy Doo was too much for them.

In giving their reasons they said that the show, as originally conceived, was all about Scooby & his relationship with the gang.  Allowing Scrappy Doo to interfere excessively with this dynamic is “too much for us to take.  We had to ask ourselves, ‘What would Scooby do?'”

At conventions the 3, who claim to be the first of a new wave of converters, will have a separate area where they can watch Scooby Doo “in accordance with their consciences” without tainting the mainstream OSD fans.  OSD fan club officials have greeted the news with enthusiasm after a year in which they have often been accused of being dogmatic in their insistence that their followers renounce NSD.

In related news: 3 Anglican Bishops have converted to Roman Catholicism because some guy 2000 years ago didn’t like women getting too uppity.  Or some such crap.

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